Loving both of them broke all rules. Leaving either would break her heart. If the question is love, who is the answer?

Grace has loved Sienna since their days at university. Life would be perfect except they no longer want the same future. Grace doesn’t think she can live a life without children and Sienna refuses to even fight about it anymore.

Seth never got over his first love. The short hair and girlfriend by her side should have changed things, but all he wants is one night to remind Grace of what they had.

Sienna never had reason to doubt Grace’s love. But why would the woman she love have pregnancy tests hidden in the back of their closet? All those weeks away, was Grace saving Seth’s company or building a new future?

So much more than a love triangle, get your copy today.

From the author

The Question Is was my first FFM romance where one of the love options was a female. I wanted to explore the notion of loving a person regardless of their gender and what happens when one person wants marriage and children while the other person is happy the way they are.

Then I threw in the twist when Grace meets up with her first love, Seth. They only broke up when she went away for university and he’s never forgotten her.

A modern love triangle where you get to decide if Grace’s future is with a Seth or Sienna.

Written when Australia was conducting a postal vote on the legalisation of same-sex-marriage, every word is from my heart. Love is love and I am thrilled that all my friends are equal to experience the challenge and joy of marriage. Same sex warning - don’t read if it is going to offend. Cheating warning - As Grace explores who she is and what she wants out of life, there are times when she turns to Seth. That’s the whole point of choose your own romance - taking a woman at a cross road in her life and deciding which love will be her happily ever after.

Even though my books are grouped into series, there is no “right” entry and each book can be read stand-alone.

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