Defend Her I am so excited to give Lieutenant Colonel Ed Alexander his own happily ever after in my latest military suspense romance, Defend Her.

You may have met Ed as Brynne’s first love in The Perfect Wife. I couldn’t let Ed possibly end up alone, and wanted to see what would happen if he was ‘emotionally single’ for the first time since high school. Introducing his commanding officer’s daughter - Anastacia Vaughan who has escaped from a violent marriage. But her ex insists on her repaying money she doesn’t have and his threats follow her back to Australia.

I have to admit, this was a fun but challenging book to write. Channelling my inner demons - what sort of ending did I want for her ex-husband and could I go ‘that’ far in a romance. Thanks to my wonderful beta readers, apparently, when he deserves it, I can!

Readers of the other Aussie Military Romances will recognise some familiar names, Doug Whitehead and Darby Greenwood in Avenge Her, Doug and Mack in Protect Her and then Ed helped Doug save Elisha in Save Her.

This is another book that acknowledges the sacrifice of our Defence forces and their families, especially Defence Brats. Imagine never being allowed onto the base that was once your home? That’s the reality for those who grew up on Defence - or Defense if you are American - bases all over the world. They spent their childhood following their parent’s careers, leaving friends, furniture and pets behind, only to not be allowed onto those same bases as an adult for a walk down memory lane.

This book is for Brats all over the world. I salute you, respect you, and thank you.

Defend Her is another emotional brutal romance in the successful Aussie Military Romance series where the heroes will do anything for the country, and women, they love.

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