Save Her I am so excited - and nervous - to release the latest military suspense romance, Save Her .

Featuring Doug and Elisha Whitehead from Avenge Her, I wanted to see what happened if his dark moods started to impact on his marriage, and how Elisha would respond to his distance and her growing fears of losing her husband.

This wasn’t an easy book to write but one I truly believe is important. Our service men and women are prepared to put their lives on the line for country, but who is looking after their minds?

When Elisha leaves Doug, it isn’t because of a lack of love, but a lack of communication over a number of years. Can Doug set aside his demons and pride to save Elisha and his children from the stalker that Elisha invited into her life?

Readers of mine have already met Doug and Elisha. After all, Doug introduced Darby Greenwood to his sister, Maddie in the first Aussie Military Romance Avenge Her and Doug was there to support Mack and Xanthe in Protect Her. You would have sensed that Elisha had already started to struggle with her role as Army wife, but its not until Save Her that she is willing to make the drastic step of divorce.

I needed to write a book that acknowledged the sacrifice from both veterans and their partners and release it on ANZAC Day which is the day Australians honor our service men and women.

Save Her is an emotional brutal second chance romance. After all, no marriage is perfect but it is how a couple is prepared to face a common enemy and their imperfections that can make them perfect together.

This is what some readers have said:

“Super addition to the series”

“The storyline is good and well written and I was quickly hooked and liked both Doug and Ellie and thought the author did a wonderful job with these two characters. If you have read and enjoyed the first two books like I did you won’t want to miss this one.”

“Can Doug rescue his own family before it’s too late?”

“The divide between them. Doug is a military man, a family man and he’s growing more divided in who he is. Elisha is basically a single mom, only having a husband and partner for a tiny portion of the year. The divide is great and so is the fall out from one date. Can they reclaim them?”

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