Shattered Hearts The day my husband and I lost our first daughter was the day I learned that grief is a full body experience. The tears shed were truly ‘ugly’ and while we tried to grieve together, our own path to healing was alone.

Last year, a good friend of our other daughter drowned. Holding our teenage daughter at the funeral, I looked around at Georgia’s family and all I could think of was “shattered hearts.” Then I realised that this year it would have been 18 years since we lost our baby girl.

I needed to write a book that gave parents hope.

Readers of mine have already followed Derek and Nina’s journey. From their first meeting in my free prequel Once Upon a Love Story, to their challenges in The Intern and The Unfaithful Wife. What if, their marriage had survived and just when they were confident in their happily ever after, the worst possible thing happened.

What toll would the loss of their daughter place on their marriage? How would they survive? Would they revert to old habits or could their love be strong enough?

Shattered Hearts is an emotional romance of love through grief.

This is what some readers have said:

“Now this is an emotional read, I advise you to have a box of tissues handy! I found it hard to put this book down, but I had no choice as I couldn’t see through the tears! This book is so emotional, the loss of a child is such a deep one that the world stops, and you need help to get your world moving again. This is way way way more than a book about the lose of a child, it’s also about how to cope and what others are willing to do to help you cope. Just thinking about this book as I write this review has me in tears, the book is that emotional!” Sharon

“This emotionally empowering story will bring you to your knees. It is gut wrenching and so amazingly written that the author draws you in with the emotions of the characters having you feel them on so many levels and their journey to healing. It is a story for anyone who has lost someone and has had to deal with the aftermath that takes them along their path.” Merry

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