A beautiful, heartfelt story of a widow, a widower and their courage to love again.

I appreciate that the characters were flawed but mature and that the issues they dealt with were real life issues. My heart ached for the loss and pain they had both suffered and cheered for them as they struggled with very authentic fears and managed to overcome them. If you like your romance with flawed but endearing characters, deep, complex emotions and full of heart, you’ll love this book!

Geoffrey Swains would give up his career, money and lifestyle for one more day with his late wife. He can replace her in his bed but never his heart. Ten years a widower, he never intended to meet someone special. The last thing he wanted to do was fall in love.

Except Rebecca, “Call me Bec” Garran wasn’t a student or just another woman. Smart and sexy Bec refused to give up on him, even when he was ready to give up on life.

Bec Garran had lived this “dream” or nightmare before. Loving a man only to lose him to his fears and then the disease. This time things could be different. If only Geoffrey was willing to fight.

After all, what were the chances of them finding love again, with each other? About the same chances as Geoffrey Trusting his Heart.

Get your tissues and be prepared to believe in romance, love and happily ever after.