He promised to always love her. He never promised not to break her heart

One woman

Nina has it all, model looks, successful career, loving children and a cheating husband. Luckily her own lover is always willing to kiss her tears away.

Three men

Derek knew he didn’t deserve her, but thought Nina would always be the forgiving and faithful wife. Until he first finds the mystery phone, then the key and finally discovers his loving wife has been hiding her own secrets.

Roland may be Derek’s best friend but it is his friendship with Nina that they can’t hide forever. Their affair will only threaten their marriages if anyone finds out.

Lucas never expected the long legs to belong to such a sexy, older woman. One night with the mysterious “Tina” is never going to be enough.

Husbands lie, lovers fall in love. If the choice is up to Nina, who will she choose?

Choose once Then choose again. These three men send Nina’s head and heart spinning. You control Nina’s romantic destiny in this choose your own romance. After all, when one happily ever after is never enough, Choose Your Own Romance!

The Unfaithful Wife is more than a love triangle or even a second chance romance. The Unfaithful Wife is a steamy contemporary romance of love, betrayal and forgiveness where you get to choose Nina’s happily ever after. Make your choice, today.

From the author

Derek is a sexy creature and we’ve all met our own version of Derek. Powerful, charismatic and able to charm the panties of any woman he chooses. So why would his wife stay? Nina is strong, sexy and successful in her own right. Her only ‘weakness’ is the love she can’t deny for her husband.

For Nina, the only way she can face and forgive each of her husband’s affairs, is to have her own safety net. One man who will always love her, and will never let her down. Having her own lover doesn’t make the pain go away, but it helps her to understand.

In The Unfaithful Wife, I’ve explored the emotional cost of infidelity – both Derek and Nina. Rarely can complicated relationships last until old age. And, as my loyal readers would expect, there is a twist! Choose the lighthouse!

Cheating warning - Even though Derek doesn’t cheat in The Unfaithful Wife, Nina finds solace in lovers’ arms. That’s the whole point of choose your own romance - taking a woman at a cross road in her life and deciding which man will be her happily ever after.

Even though my books are grouped into series, there is no “right” entry and each book can be read stand-alone.

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