The lead singer from aging rockers, Stormy Waters or the lead from the world’s hottest new band, God of War? Two loves, one future. Who will Shae choose?

Let me tell you why I loved THE ROCKSTAR’S WIFE. It’s good! The storyline rocks! It is enticing and different in a way that I did not anticipate. I loved the way the author draws the reader into the story by the POV dynamic. Then continues that through the book. I liked the way she gives the reader three options as to the ending. The storyline alone is worth 6 stars. Positively awesome. Uncanny. Unlike anything you’ve ever read. it will give you chills all over. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Shae Fedolta My rockstar husband doesn’t know the lead singer of his new support band used to be the lead musician to my heart. Can our marriage survive one tour or will Deacon remind me of why I should never have left?

I’ll make you promises every night Only to break them every morn You’ll be my love, my life, my muse I’m the reason your body was born No walls will hide your passion cries As you think one night means more Surrender your mind, your body, your soul One night is better than none at all

Years ago, Deacon was my first love but when he chose pills and the bottle, I chose to leave. Now he’s the man I fell in love with and desperate to give us the future we once deserved.

But, I love my husband. Even though Cruz no longer sees me as the band’s manager, in his faithful eyes I’ll always be his muse.

Unless I lose them both to the truth, who will be my rockstar?

Choose once Then choose again. These rockstars send Shae’s head and heart spinning but you control her destiny. Follow the links in this new style of romance until with your help, Shae finds love. After all, when one happily ever after is never enough, Choose Your Own Rockstar romance!