No one knows Jade’s secret.

One woman. Jade Wadestone seemingly has it all – a new, rich and adoring boyfriend, international acclaim and an offer for the internship she thought she lost.

Life would be perfect if only Robert could love her enough to set aside his traditional views and accept her as a passionate partner in his life. Feeling vulnerable in her life with Robert, Jade tried to ignore her instant attraction to her new boss. Now, she doesn’t want to resist the power and charm of the forbidden man who refuses to ignore their chemistry.

Three men* Robert thought his love would remain unrequited until Jade finally noticed he existed. Now, he’ll do anything to help her become the future wife his position demands.

The Lover may be married but is destined to do something stupid and fall in love. Jade is more than an employee, she could be the only one to ever challenge him in the bedroom and the boardroom.

Mason Winters may only be the client, but when Jade’s world falls apart he can only hope that she comes to him as more than a friend.

Choose once Then choose again. These three men send Jade’s head and heart spinning. Who will Jade end up with? You control Jade’s romantic destiny in this choose your own romance. After all, when one happily ever after is never enough, Choose Your Own Romance!

The Intern is more than a love triangle. The Intern is a steamy contemporary interracial, office romance where you get to choose Jade’s happily ever after. Make your choice, today.

From the author

I remember having coffee with a friend who mused that she’s too culturally Indian for Australian men who will never understand her culture and traditions, but too westernised for Indian men. Can women of mixed cultures find love?

Jade is smart, gorgeous and torn between her mother’s Chinese heritage and her Australian father. In The Intern, Jade must decide between the son of a Chinese diplomat and the charismatic power of her boss. One man who wants to love and cherish her, within the cultural boundaries of their shared heritage. The other lover challenges every part of her sensuality.

One of the first scenes written for this book was the confrontation scene. Fireworks! Even now when I read it back, I get goosebumps.

Cheating warning - As Jade explores who she is, she does so in the arms of her boyfriend and married lover. That’s the whole point of choose your own romance - taking a woman at a cross road in her life and deciding which man will be her happily ever after.

I love Jade’s strength, passion for life and belief that despite all, she deserves to find love and a happily ever after that is right for her.

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