When the lights go down, deals are done and only the winner survives

GG If anyone recognizes me, I’m dead. If I lose my borrowed stake on the first night, I’m dead. The rest of my life starts today, but only if I’m smarter than I was before. Never trust a man. Never fall in love. Mask in place, I’m ready. One last reckless gamble but this time it not my heart on the line. It’s my life.

Scott Dressed to kill or be killed, GG sashayed into my game, joined my poker table and claimed my stack. I know this woman is trouble. She shouldn’t trust me with her secret. She shouldn’t trust her life to the way I play the cards. She shouldn’t, but she does. For her sake, I cannot lose.

In the world of dubious deals and dirty money comes a sexy heroine determined to beat men at their own game, and a billionaire hero willing to catch her if she falls - whether she wants him to, or not. With deception and desire, this contemporary romance will take you to new heights of suspense and steam.

Reckless Gamble is a stand alone billionaire romance where lives are decided on the play of a card. No cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

Even though my books are grouped into series, there is no “right” entry and each book can be read stand-alone.

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