Nina’s world stopped at the same time as her daughter’s heart.

Now, blocking every emotion is the only way she can survive. Derek believes he must be strong, not just for himself, but for Nina, too. Now the small fractures in their marriage - once healed by love and friendship - threaten to tear them apart.

Desperate to bring Nina out of her grief, Derek turns to the last person he would have expected to seek out: the man who almost stole her heart. Is it enough or is it too late? Or is their marriage yet another thing to grieve?

If you’ve ever struggled to hold a marriage together under the weight of grief. If you’ve ever cried over the loss of your child. If you want a reason to believe in love strong enough to give hope, you’ll love Shattered Hearts

Released on what would have been our daughter’s 18th birthday, Shattered Hearts is for every mother who has cried. With love, Kenna.

What a reader said Now this is an emotional read, I advise you to have a box of tissues handy! I found it hard to put this book down, but I had no choice as I couldn’t see through the tears! This book is so emotional, the loss of a child is such a deep one that the world stops, and you need help to get your world moving again. This is way way way more than a book about the lose of a child, it’s also about how to cope and what others are willing to do to help you cope. Just thinking about this book as I write this review has me in tears, the book is that emotional!