He loves her. She loves him not. Before he can save his marriage, this war hero must come home and save his wife.

Save Her is for every partner of our brave service men and women. From the author of Avenge Her and Protect Her - comes an emotionally brutal military suspense romance. See how far a damaged war hero goes to protect his family and the lengths his estranged wife will go to save them both. Full length romance novel that will make you believe in second chances.

Captain Doug Greenwood

How the hell could she do this to him?

He’s only ever had two loves: his family and the Australian Army. Elisha knew that when she married him and nothing has changed. Except while he was overseas dodging bullets and bombs, she ended their marriage. He’s prepared to fight for their future, but first he has to get back home and save Elli from a violent stalker.


Loving Doug was never her problem; one minute, a loving and playful father, the next her sexy war-hero husband. But increasingly, Elisha didn’t recognise the man she once married with his dark moods and radio silence. The reasons to leave him multiplied and loving him was no longer a reason to stay.

When her one attempt to meet someone fails, Elisha’s family and business are threatened by her stalker who refuses to take “no” for an answer. Doug could save her, if he knew. But with his darkness out of control, what will it take for him to save himself?

Save Her is for every woman who loves a military hero. The romance is real, story compelling, and the steam is hot. Get Save Her today.

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