Protect her

To protect her from his future, Mack needed to man up and let her go.

“Mack, as in short for Mackenzie?” Xanthe asked the fit Adonis she had tried to avoid all night. “Mack as in women say I’m built like a Mack truck,” the ice blue eyes knew exactly what they were doing.

Lieutenant Damon (Mack) Mackenzie never wanted a relationship he couldn’t count in hours. Until the night he saved Xanthe from her ex. He never cared about his reputation or the broken hearts he left behind. Until Xanthe started working on base and came face to face with them.

He always believed he was invincible until a bomb proved he wasn’t.

Xanthe Davies didn’t believe love could last forever. Burnt more than once, Mack was everything she knew to avoid.


With kisses that could remove clothing. Except he made her want to believe in their forever. Until in an instant, life changed.

How can she prove he’s still got everything to make her satisfied when he sees himself as half a man.

Will Invictus help him see their future or will he push her away forever?

Protect Her is for every woman who loves a military hero. The romance is real, story compelling, and the steam is hot. Get Protect Her today.

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