How can Seth save his foster son when the one woman who can help, refuses to take his call?

Oh this book! I cried and laughed throughout it. Heart-wrenching but very real-life story. Really am glad I spent time reading it. This book made me cry. It was an absolutely heartwarming story. The struggles, the love and emotions this family shared stole my heart. This was a beautiful love story.

Seth’s ex-wife proved he had always been her second choice, leaving him and their children for an old love.

In the chaos of being a single father, and reassuring his children that they are still a family, a visit from community services threatens to tear his foster son away. Only the intervention of an old girlfriend and now social worker allows Seth 90 days to prove himself as a father and keep his family together.

It took years to heal her broken heart so how can Lucy trust what Seth feels for her is real? After all, once upon a time she was his second choice. And in the emotion of fighting community services, how can either of them trust their feelings are true?

If you’ve ever wanted to believe in romance and a second chance at love. If you’ve ever deserved to be first in someone’s heart. If you have a soft spot for amazing fathers who love their children. Then you’ll love Never Second Best.