After the flames, can Reece and Zoe find love?

Reece Australia’s favorite firefighter, rose to fame as the face of hope during the devastation of 2020. He’s hot, and he knows it. Every woman in the world seems to want him. But the only woman he wants has only ever seen him as a friend.

Zoe has no house, no job an no reason to stay in town. Except for her friendship with Reece. Working together to rebuild their town ignites a passion she never expected.

But when Zoe is offered her dream job thousands of miles away, Reece makes the decision for her. “Trust me,” he once said. Can she, or will their love turn to ash?

SPARK - slow burn - Bailey and Shar IGNITE - enemies to lovers - Ethan and Rylee (full-length novel) HEAT - friends to lovers - Reece and Zoe (full-length novel)

Love the beachside hamlet of Meringa?

I spent many years on the south coast of Australia and created the fictional town of Meringa based on the towns and people I loved. Since many of these towns were destroyed in the 2020 firestorm, it seemed appropriate to base the IGNITE series in Meringa and I hope you can feel my emotion on the page.

Meringa was also the perfect setting for Erebus’ new start in Broken Trust, and the Loving the Band rockstar reverse harem series starting with Seducing the Band.