MATCH - a small town first responder romance

Before the firestorm, it will only take a MATCH for romance to IGNITE

MATCH Free short romance

This small-town hero just met his MATCH

Too young to be head of the family and too old to keep running away, Campbell Mettner returned to his Australian seaside hometown of Meringa for a weekend of cold beer and hot babes. Except, the cold beer came with a hot chili beef burger and a hotter café owner who could just be the reason he was looking for.

Natalia didn’t have time for living. Not when her new café had already taken all her life savings and all her time. When local football and firefighting hero, Campbell Mettner, sauntered in and turned her world upside down, she dared to hope for a future that included love.

But when the firestorm hit and Cam was thousands of miles away, Natalia had to run for her life. Which way did she go, and would Cam even know she’d gone?

Before the firestorm hit, there was a MATCH ready to IGNITE.

Why I love the IGNITE series - author’s note

When the rest of the world was celebrating Christmas and the New Year, on the south coast of New South Wales, families clung for survival on boats pushed away from the beach. This was my country and I felt helpless watching it burn. I’ve now lived through two devastating fires. I’ve seen courage in the face of flames and beauty rise from ash. I saw vision that my cousin live-streamed from his home surrounded by fires as he and his family said their ‘good-byes’. Thanks to an unexpected wind-change, they were saved. Most of their farm was destroyed, but where there is life, there is hope and the chance to rebuild. The IGNITE series started off as a single book, HEAT, dedicated to those who risk their lives to protect others and brings Reece to life as a true Australian hero. My survivor guilt and gratitude couldn’t be silenced with a single book. Enjoy one, or love them all.

MATCH free prequel SPARK - slow burn - Bailey and Shar IGNITE - enemies to lovers - Ethan and Rylee (full-length novel) HEAT - friends to lovers - Reece and Zoe (full-length novel)