Lieutenant Colonel Ed Alexander never wanted to be a babysitter - until he met the Colonel’s daughter.

This book is for Defence Brats the world over. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Lieutenant Colonel Edison (Ed) Alexander

A decorated war hero shouldn’t be asked to look after his commanding officer’s daughter. But when Anastacia Vaughan is abducted, beaten and dumped in an ambulance bay, Ed doesn’t have a choice. He can vow to defend her, but he can’t vow not to fall in love. Even when that love may cost lives of those he holds dear.

Anastacia Vaughan

Raised as an ‘Army Brat’ with a father that every soldier knows, Anastacia had one rule: never date a guy in uniform. Now, her ex-husband wants money she doesn’t have, and the man sworn to protect and serve refuses to see her as more than a client.

In this military suspense romance, will Ed save Anastacia before it’s too late and will Anastacia finally escape from her ex-husband’s circle of fear.

Defend Her is for every woman who loves a military hero. The romance is real, story compelling, and the steam is hot. Get Defend Her today.

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