Four women. One pact. Find a date for Christmas.

A great story line and wonderful characters This was a great book. It was fun to read

I love you, but … I miss you, but … I forgive you, but … Laugh and love with Zara and Vince as he recreates five years of Christmas memories in this short, Christmas Kisses romance.

Vince I know, it’s going to take a Christmas miracle to prove to Zara I deserve a second chance. Luckily, Christmas Eve is the time for miracles, and I’ve got all night to make up for lost time. One Christmas church service for each of the five we’ve missed. But if Zara is taking home someone for Christmas, has it all been too little and too late?

Zara It’s not that I hate Christmas. I love counting down the last twelve days. I love the peace, goodwill and the promise of a new year. Reading the Christmas cards with handwritten letters. A story, if you will, of the year past. But, for five years I’ve avoided going home. Our last merry Christmas was the last day before she-who-shall-be-forever-nameless gave my fiancé the ultimatum. He chose her. I don’t hate Christmas. I hate the memories of that one Christmas. Five years on and I still love him. But it will take more than making me laugh to win back my trust.

Four women. One pact. Read them one at a time or get all four books in the complete Christmas Kisses series, including bonus epilogue.