Four women. One pact. Find a date for Christmas.

These women will beg, borrow or buy a man … but will they find love this Christmas?

Unexpected loves from the past, via Tinder, shudder, turn to be the only person the Pia truly wanted. Add in one jealous older brother who thinks his younger brother is the sun and moon, Mr Perfect, and one younger brother who cannot believe his luck with a second accidental chance, well folks, one might say it’s gets a little “messy”. (Sorry, couldn’t resist, the eggs were an excellent play, as well as measurement!)

Pia It’s all my fault. It seemed like a good idea at the time. My three best friends didn’t agree but at least were willing to try. To beg, borrow or buy a man for Christmas. Only, I didn’t expect to be going online, again. Dateless and desperate. Until the mysterious K made me laugh. He said all the right things and perhaps this could be more than lunch. Or not. After all, this country girl may live in the city, but she’s a country girl at heart. And I still have the photo of my first crush to prove it.

Kade First son will always inherit his father’s kingdom and the woman’s heart. As for me, I left home, the kingdom and tried to forget the woman. Not that the drought-stricken farm is much of a kingdom. And after my father’s recent ultimatum, it will go to the first to get married. As for the woman, Pia was the only woman I’ve ever wanted. The only woman my brother could never have. Now, a week before Christmas and I’m about to meet my online date. Interesting and funny, she needs a fake boyfriend for Christmas while I need a reason not to go home. No harm, no foul. Except Pia Morgan just walked into the café. The right woman, wrong time.

Four women. One pact. Read them one at a time or get all four books in the complete Christmas Kisses series, including bonus epilogue.