Four women. One pact. Find a date for Christmas.

These women will beg, borrow or buy a man … but will they find love this Christmas?

This nailbiting, pulse racing, heart pounding, page flipping wonder is as riveting as it is captivating. The chemistry is intense, white hot and explosive. The characters are impressive and realistic with depth and qualities to make it easy to relate. The scenes are so graphically detailed it really seals this little treasure together beautifully.

Her Christmas Romance Surprise (Book 1: Pia)

Pia It’s all my fault. It seemed like a good idea at the time. My three best friends didn’t agree but at least were willing to try. To beg, borrow or buy a man for Christmas. Only, I didn’t expect to be going online, again. Dateless and desperate. Until the mysterious K made me laugh. He said all the right things and perhaps this could be more than lunch. Or not. After all, this country girl may live in the city, but she’s a country girl at heart. And I still have the photo of my first crush to prove it.

Kade First son will always inherit his father’s kingdom and the woman’s heart. As for me, I left home, the kingdom and tried to forget the woman. Not that the drought-stricken farm is much of a kingdom. And after my father’s recent ultimatum, it will go to the first to get married. As for the woman, Pia was the only woman I’ve ever wanted. The only woman my brother could never have. Now, a week before Christmas and I’m about to meet my online date. Interesting and funny, she needs a fake boyfriend for Christmas while I need a reason not to go home. No harm, no foul. Except Pia Morgan just walked into the café. The right woman, wrong time.

Her Surprise Christmas Noel (Book 2: JoJo)

JoJo needed a date for Christmas. Noel needed to make up for his mistake. It was only supposed to be a fake date, but what if it became real?

JoJo When I wanted love to knock me off my feet, I didn’t mean for it to crash into me. Literally. I’d wanted a fake Christmas romance. Someone to show off to my friends and family for the holidays. But I didn’t count on Noel Roberts. Destroying my car and taking my breath away. Before driving me to distraction—on a two-day trip home for Christmas. If only my brain could remind my heart that Noel Roberts is my fake boyfriend, and that the love I think we’ve found, isn’t real.

Noel JoJo is the most infuriating woman I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, I’m too much of a gentleman to leave a woman stranded and unable to get home for Christmas. Especially when I’m the reason. By days we fight—a lot. By nights we make up—a lot. We might have to sell our fake romance as real. But I don’t think my heart got the message.

Unwrapping Her Christmas Gift (Book 3: Abbie)

Abbie thought it was too late to find a date for Christmas. Tristan didn’t expect to find a woman who could see past his act. But can one night together be enough to stop Abbie’s fear of repeating the past? Or can a man who makes his living unwrapping clothes from his body be the man to unwrap her heart?

Abbie How on earth am I going to explain the sexy man in my bed? Especially since my family are expecting me to introduce a boyfriend at Christmas lunch. I don’t have a boyfriend. But last night, after Tristan shed his clothes on stage, I was ready to take a one-night risk. He was supposed to remain my secret. Except Christmas plans have changed and lunch has been moved to my place. Even worse, now discovered, Tristan has decided to have fun playing the role of my fake boyfriend. Only the longer we are fake, the more real it feels. At least, to me.

Tristan I’d never believed in insta-love. One night of magic and all my Christmas’ came true. There is one thing surer than the sun will rise tomorrow. Unless her sister ruins everything, I’ll be unwrapping Abbie for more than Christmas.

Her Surprise Christmas Kiss (Book 4: Zara)

Vince I know, it’s going to take a Christmas miracle to prove to Zara I deserve a second chance. Luckily, Christmas Eve is the time for miracles, and I’ve got all night to make up for lost time. One Christmas church service for each of the five we’ve missed. But if Zara is taking home someone for Christmas, has it all been too little and too late?

Zara It’s not that I hate Christmas. I love counting down the last twelve days. I love the peace, goodwill and the promise of a new year. Reading the Christmas cards with handwritten letters. A story, if you will, of the year past. But, for five years I’ve avoided going home. Our last merry Christmas was the last day before she-who-shall-be-forever-nameless gave my fiancé the ultimatum. He chose her. I don’t hate Christmas. I hate the memories of that one Christmas. Five years on and I still love him. But it will take more than making me laugh to win back my trust.

Four women. One pact. Read them one at a time or get all four books in the complete Christmas Kisses series, including bonus epilogue.