Four women. One pact. Find a date for Christmas.

JoJo needed a date for Christmas. Noel needed to make up for his mistake. It was only supposed to be a fake date, but what if it became real?


When I wanted love to knock me off my feet, I didn’t mean for it to crash into me. Literally. I’d wanted a fake Christmas romance. Someone to show off to my friends and family for the holidays. But I didn’t count on Noel Roberts. Destroying my car and taking my breath away. Before driving me to distraction—on a two-day trip home for Christmas. If only my brain could remind my heart that Noel Roberts is my fake boyfriend, and that the love I think we’ve found, isn’t real.


JoJo is the most infuriating woman I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, I’m too much of a gentleman to leave a woman stranded and unable to get home for Christmas. Especially when I’m the reason. By days we fight—a lot. By nights we make up—a lot. We might have to sell our fake romance as real. But I don’t think my heart got the message.

Four women. One pact. Read them one at a time or get all four books in the complete Christmas Kisses series, including bonus epilogue.