Rockstars meet Reverse Harem with a touch of suspense

When the competition for her body becomes real, will Sydney’s heart follow?

Sydney These five men will compete over anything. Cards, pool, lyrics. Me. Xavier might be my one, but with five sexy men competing for my body, quarantine just got a lot less boring. As long as Xavier’s jealousy and sibling rivalry stays under control Otherwise, my heart might not be the only thing that explodes.

The second in the Loving the Band rockstar series, Playing with the Band, has one woman enjoying the love and bodies of Australian rock band, The Flying Monkeys. Yes, there’s more than one man who wants her. Yes, there’s loving. Yes, Yes, Yes. Get Seducing the Band, today.

Tell me what you want, Xavier asks. Find out why in your free, quick read prequel to rockstar reverse harem romances: Dirty Blonde.

Playing with the Band - Sneak peek “Your man here asks you all the fucking time.” Jax sounded cool, cocky. In control. A real, sexy bastard in his blonde hair and fitted black t-shirt and dark blue jeans. “Since he doesn’t have a clue, and we’re all about to find out for ourselves, how about you tell us what we need to know—tell us what you want.”

“Fuck off,” I muttered under my breath. Knowing at least Xavier, Devon and Chase would have my back.

Still, Jax continued. Strutting around as if it didn’t matter who won the game of pool. “How about you share the secrets of your body. Even up the playing field. Devon knows. Chase probably has figured you out by now. Xavier still needs to be told, so share the secret. Sydney, how do you like being fucked?”

I straightened my back. Feeling Xavier pull slightly away. I was the only female here, and his was the only bed that I slept in. But Jax’ words landed undeserved blows, to Xavier’s pride and my dignity.

I reached behind until my hands rested against Xavier’s hips. Softly and silently reassuring him that whatever happened, or didn’t with the rest of the band, he was still my one.

“Jax, you seem to be confused,” I kept my voice steady, calm. Feigning a little confidence.

“What am I confused about?”

Jax now stood in front of me, while the rest of the band held back, watching. I could feel his breath against my face and tried not to flinch. Last time he’d stood this close, Jax claimed a kiss that wasn’t his to take.

I wanted to turn away, react.

Push him away, force him to react.

Xavier stiffened and I didn’t want to start a fight I was unprepared to finish.

We’d been playing pool for almost three days solidly. All of us needed sleep, food, and more sleep. Now, the competition had ended with the real challenge about to begin.

What order would they all take me in? Just thinking the words had me shivering in the Australian summer heat.

Squeezing Xavier’s leg, I threw my head back with a confidence I hoped Jax wouldn’t try kissing away. “You think you know what goes on between me and my man.”

“Babe, we hear him all the fucking time. Asking you want you want. If he doesn’t know by now—”

“That’s why you’re confused,” I interrupted, throwing him my most scathing look. “You think he asks because he doesn’t know what to do.”

Turning into Xavier’s arms, I cupped the face, wanting to drown him in kisses. His black on black eyes searching my green. His dark dreads needing some maintenance, but perfect to run through my fingers. What we had wasn’t love, but my feelings for him were real and returned.

To feel him tense because of his friend’s bullshit, made me want to react, fight Jax’ words with some of my own. Protect my man in the only way I knew how.

“Xavier asks because he has so much to give. My wants change with my moods and he’s not some arrogant schmuck that can only bring one game to the bedroom. When he asks what I want, it’s because he has a full menu for me to feast from.”

Xavier relaxed into my arms, his hips pressing my reward into my groin. Oh, I couldn’t wait to drag him upstairs.

“We are still exploring each other. Taking time exploring our boundaries, and he is,” I stopped to steal a kiss. “Adventurous. He is adventurous, generous and the most satisfying lover I could imagine.”

Another kiss before I turned back to the room. “You can say a hell of a lot about me, but I will not stand by and let you disrespect this man. Not when you have absolutely no idea what he’s like as a lover, or as a man.”

Jax’ look kept me frozen in place. Waiting for him to back down or verbally cut me to shreds. Unfortunately, I’d had years of hiding my fear from the enemy. Full body breathing, imagining the life-giving oxygen flowing through my veins. Believing that even when my heart betrayed me, my brain never would.


I was falling in love with Xavier, but it was Jax who threatened to tear me apart.

A man who took without asking.

I was so screwed.

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