Rockstars meet Reverse Harem with a touch of suspense

Now the competition is becoming real, the concert days away and Jax isn’t the only one messing with my mind. Eventually, I’m going to have to deal with the threatening texts, or keep running. Only this time, I don’t know if Xavier will find his way out of the bottle long enough to notice, or to care.**

Sydney I knew there would be consequences in enjoying Xavier and his band. But in choosing Xavier over my safety and the band over my future, will these five rockstars have what it takes to keep their Dirty Blonde safe and satisfied?

Xavier I didn’t expect the competition to be so ruthless. As one-by-one my band has fallen in love with my woman, how can I keep my jealousy under control until after the concert? Or will Sydney’s secrets prove to be our greatest threat?

Following on from quick reads Seducing the Band and Playing with the Band, [Enjoying the Band], Enjoying the Band is full length, can be read stand alone and finds one woman enjoying the love and bodies of Australian rock band, The Flying Monkeys. Yes, there’s multiple men with one woman. Yes, there’s loving. Yes, Yes, Yes. Get Enjoying the Band, today.

Tell me what you want, Xavier asks. Find out why in your free, quick read prequel to rockstar reverse harem romances: Dirty Blonde.

Enjoying the Band - Sneak peek

The song was everything Xavier had promised.

With Chase on the drums, the baseline was as solid as they came and even Trent seemed to come alive on guitar. Not that I’d ever admit to Jax or Devon, but the band’s strength was in the rhythm section. Setting the mood for the rest to follow.

But even in the dim restaurant and without a crowd, Xavier’s voice shone. Taking each line and making it his own. Reminding me again why he’d been the only man I noticed at the Festival. Filling my pores with every sense of him. Calling my name, driving me wild with desire.

One man.

My man.

For Xavier, I’d be his dirty blonde, his sweet desire, his anything at all.

They finished, and sang it again. Devon shoving down pain killers to enable him to lay down some tracks. Using his injury to inspire some creative genius.

“Babe, come and inspire me,” he called me to his lap.

“Later.” I lied. Tonight, like our first, I only had eyes for Xavier but the last thing the band needed was me to get in the way of their rehearsal. “I’ll fill up the jugs.”

For the rest of the night, I filled glasses with beer and jugs with soda. Put out platters of finger food that was easy to eat while talking or playing. Every hour or so, Xavier asked me to come and listen to their last rendition. By early morning, I’d recorded the song from different angles on my phone, and set up in the corner, building up graphics and tag lines. Researching other Australian bands, including any that may have toured with his brother’s Stormy Waters and making a list of every band I could find that had shared the stage with The Flying Monkeys.

Dirty Blonde was everything the guys had worked for. I felt every ounce of emotion. Rumors album meets Downward Spiral meets Black Holes and Revelations. I researched all recent rock reviews and pulled out not only the keywords but identified top bloggers and reviewers.

I couldn’t sing. Couldn’t play a musical instrument to save my life. But I knew social media. I knew how to market and there were ways I could put my man and his band on top of the world, without using my name. Luckily, the world being in iso worked in my favor. It was easy enough to mock-up my own credentials and get old friends to make introductions without explanations.

It was a risk.

I could be found.

But when my finger hovered, should I press send and unleash my power, or to hold back and stay safe, Xavier called me over.

“Sydney, this is for you.”

I’d never seen Xavier at the keyboard before. That was entirely Devon’s domain. But Devon stood to the side, with the other guys as Xavier sang Dirty Blonde. Stripped back and as bare as my feelings for the man.

No drums.

No guitar.

Just Xavier’s voice and the basics of a keyboard.

Four am. They’d been working twelve hours straight on one song. Yet it sounded real, raw and inspired.

As Xavier closed it down, the final note wavering into nothing, I fought back tears. No one existed as I dodged cords and speakers, making my way to my man. Cupping his face, I kissed him as if for the first time.

“My dirty, fucking blonde.”

“My dirty fuck.”

I barely heard Jax call, “That’s a wrap.”

Before Trent’s instruction, “Send it viral.”

“Your phone seems to want some attention.” Chase nodded to my blinking handset.

“I know.”

“Someone missing you?”

“Something like that.”

“Gonna talk about it some day?”


“You’ll talk to me if you need to, right?”

“I’m fine.”

Reaching out to my old contacts had been a risk worth taking, for Xavier.

But now my phone number was no longer a secret.

Anon: I’ll dispense with the apology. Come back and I will forgive you.

Anon: You can’t keep away from me forever. You’ll need money or job.

No, I wouldn’t Not as long as my luck at the card tables held out.

Anon: Your family misses you. You can’t do this to them.

Thanks, emotional blackmail used to work a treat. I held my nerve, thankful that I’d become stronger.

Anon: If I find you first, I won’t be as forgiving as if you come back.

Anon: Crawling on your knees.

Anon: Begging for forgiveness.

Anon: If I can find your number, I can find you.

Anon: CU soon.

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