One woman. Three men. Your choice.

With her heart torn three ways, Catherine can’t choose. That’s why she needs you to decide for her.

Read this exciting new romance today where YOU decide on Catherine’s happily ever after. Change your mind? Then easily follow the links back to another choice.

Catherine fell in love with Zac half a life time ago. Now, he’s noticed her but only as the sweet young thing she used to be. Not as the happy go lucky Cat, and definitely not her inner Kitty who demands to be satisfied.

Tech nerds shouldn’t look like dark and sexy Darius who wants to unleash her inner Kitty, and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Then again, with panty-stripping kisses, why would she want to?

Scott Cooper tries to warn Cat about Darius; but who will warn her about a man willing to risk everything for one night?

One woman. Three potential loves who bring out a different side of her: Catherine, Cat and Kitty. Which lover will you choose?

So much more than a love triangle, get your copy today.

From the author

The Bad Kitty is priced to introduce you to this new style romance that puts you in control of the happily every after, while also featuring characters from across my other books.

Cheating warning - As Catherine explores who she is, there are times when she turns to a lover’s arms. That’s the whole point of choose your own romance - taking a woman at a cross road in her life and deciding which man will be her happily ever after.

Even though my books are grouped into series, there is no “right” entry and each book can be read stand-alone.